This project is available to all young people who are born between 1 Jan 2004 and 31 Dec 1995 (16 - 25 years) and identify themselves as a Carer.

Launchpad is a Chandler Macleod Group (Leading HR/Recruitment company)  initiative aiming to provide Young Carers with training and support to increase their job readiness, while giving them access to guaranteed job opportunities. Every person enrolled in the Launchpad project will be matched to available jobs that are aligned to their interests using Augmented Intelligence (AI) and data analytics.

Chandler Macleod will leverage our expertise and corporate networks to uncover companies of choice that will provide flexible employment opportunities to suit the needs of young people who identify as Young Carers.

Launchpad is a new and empowering project delivered by Chandler Macleod in partnership with IBM, Curtin University and the University Of Queensland.

The aim is to provide an innovative approach generating opportunities for you to pursue employment and financial independence.

Supported by the Try, Test and Learn Fund – an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Social Services visit for more information.

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One of my teachers pretty much told me I had to choose school or my family. So I dropped out of school.

Jenna, 18 yrs, Perth
Young carer with sister



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Will be receiving income support payments in 10 years

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