With over 1,000 internal employees and 13,000 employees out working on client sites, the Chandler Macleod Group is one of the region’s largest employers – so we know what it takes to recruit, select and retain the best people. In fact, everything we do relates to unleashing potential in people and companies; from providing today’s career opportunities to planning, measuring and managing the workforces of tomorrow.

Diversity & Inclusion at Chandler Macleod Group

Chandler Macleod Group believe that diversity and inclusion are a key part of creating an innovative, vibrant and competitive business for ourselves, our clients and our stakeholders. Our philosophy of Unleashing Potential is at the heart of everything we do and means we are constantly striving to find new ways to improve and support the potential of all types of people.

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Our Core Principles

Our core principles embody our shared commitment to fairness and equity, ensuring people are treated with dignity and respect. Our policies outline our commitment to creating an environment that is free of discrimination.

Our leaders are committed to reducing barriers in our workplaces, our clients’ sites and in the broader community and we have introduced systems, processes and brands dedicated to doing just that.

We empower people –we recognise potential and the importance of providing an opportunity to unleash it.

We respect one another –by acknowledging the value of every person in our community, we enhance their value exponentially.

We do the right thing – by upholding our principles with trust and integrity across our diverse group of businesses.

We step up and own it – this means making a promise to ourselves to honour our commitments, drive outcomes and pursue continuous improvement.

Chandler Macleod Group believes that every person, team and organisation has potential, and we know we are in a unique position to help unleash it.