Overview of the organisation

The Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) is the flagship unit for applied social science research at The University of Queensland (UQ) and one of the largest social science research institutes in Australia. With a proud history of more than a decade advancing solution-oriented social research, ISSR researchers apply multidisciplinary approaches to address some of the most important issues and challenges facing Australia and the world today.

ISSR has a respected track record in areas such as family dynamics, education, employment, social wellbeing, international development, and Indigenous studies. The Institute also undertakes research to improve social science and evaluation methodologies, and is advancing new capabilities in data science and in the social aspects of health.

Role on the TTL project

ISSR is leading the design and implementation of a developmental evaluation approach for the Data-Driven Opportunities for Young Carers project. ISSR researchers previously contributed advice on the design of the intervention and the specific needs of young carers, based on expert knowledge of the mechanisms of social and economic disadvantage. ISSR is now supporting evaluation activities for the Perth-based trial.

About IBM

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The Data-Driven Opportunities for Young Carers project will leverage IBM Cloud and Watson AI to provide an online platform and augmented intelligence to match guaranteed job opportunities and training with young carers.

Our Role

For over 80 years, IBM has been working to solve some of the biggest issues facing Australia and New Zealand. We remain dedicated to leading the world into a more prosperous and progressive future; to creating a world that is fairer, more diverse, more tolerant, more just.