Providing care and assistance for a family member?

    • Born between 1 Jan 2004 and 31 Dec 1995 (16 – 25 years)?
    • Looking to receive training, study, and gain employment?
    • Living within a 250km radius of Perth CBD?

If you have answered YES then you qualify as a Young Carer for the Launchpad project.

Growing up as a young person in a family affected by disability, illness or addiction can be tough....but you're not alone

How can we help you?

Launchpad is a Chandler Macleod Group initiative which will provide you as a young carer with FREE training and support to increase your job readiness. Each young carer will be given access to guaranteed job opportunities with companies who support the needs of young carers.

Our goal is to give you the tools you need to achieve your dream career.

Did you know?


Once you register, we will contact you to make sure that the program is right for you. There are a limited number of opportunities in the initial intake so be sure to indicate your interest early. You will be assigned a mentor who will:

    • Call to explain more about the project and arrange a meeting to talk about your caring role and how we can offer support
    • Discuss what study, training or work you are most interested and best suited to
    • Arrange the appropriate training if required
    • Match you with available jobs and help you to get the job you want
    • Provide you with up to 6 months of ongoing mentoring and coaching once employed
    • Provide you with an opportunity to connect with other young carers


I don’t have any work experience how will I be able to find work?

You may be surprised that you will have developed a lot of valuable skills as a carer that you can transfer into a work situation.  Also, if you need some training before you can work in a area then we can help with this as well.

Chandler Macleod specialise in recruitment so we have links with lots of different types of employers and types of jobs so we are well placed to link you up to opportunities.

What about my caring role?

As part of the Program we will take a good look at your caring role and assess if you need more support with this to enable you to study, train or work.  We will work with you and the person you care for to talk about what extra supports may be required and available to you.

I am worried that someone else will not be able to provide the same care as I can?

Sometimes carers can feel guilty or anxious about other people providing the care that they normally provide.  You may feel like no one else will do as good a job as you do.  This is a normal feeling to have.  However, it is normal for you to want to have some time to socialise and work and to spend time away from your (mum, brother, grandparent etc.)  This is a normal part of development and you may still wish to provide care part of the time but to share it with other formal services in the beginning until you get used to it or even long term if this suits your family best.

Will working effect my payments?

You can work, study or train up to 25 hours per week without effecting your payments.

Have another question?  Just call us on (08) 92170572